Science Festivity

  • It is a competition held every year among all schools in Alexandria.
  • Every year a different topic is chosen for all the schools to compete about.
  • The jury is presented by different doctors from Alexandria university and an award is given to the best three projects presented.

Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) – International day Festival – 27th November 2014

  • This festival was held by Pharos University in Alexandria for students from different schools to learn lots of exciting and interesting things about the world and it different cultures in an interactive and entertaining way, where all schools compete for the best country representation.
  • We were the only school who had two teams participating in the festival: Russia and Japan.
  • The Russian team won the second place.

The Planetarium Science Center cooperation the International Particle Physics Workshop in collaboration with the SERN

The Planetarium Science Center cooperation the International Particle Physics Workshop in collaboration with the SERN

The Scientific Conference of Creativity and Innovation

Our distinguished students participated in the scientific conference of creativity and innovation and all the audience praised the students’ research that they are above their age and at a high scientific level as the Dean of the College, Dr. Ismail Ismail praised the level of our students and the achievement of the school the first place in all scientific forums …

Science Competition between grade 11 (waiting for the final and semifinal) 2018-2019

International Master Class between Alexandria Bibliotheca and Pioneers International School (won first place in the Middle East) 2018

Cooperation between Pioneers International School and Faculty of Commerce Alexandria university in Environmental day (won the First place) 2018

Certificate in a Conference 2018

Annual High school Science fair 2019

“Imagination is the key. Everyone is a scientist, however a scientist is always driven by his/ her unquenchable thirst for knowledge,” Extracurricular activities as science fairs always encourage students to pursue knowledge as the learners engage in learning outside the classroom as a key, integrated element of their experience. The word ‘awesome’ filled the air of Pioneers International school campus as visitors shared their reaction as they went to one stall after the other displaying the science projects submitted by the high school  students of the school. For the budding scientists of the future, their parents, teachers and every one present on the occasion it was indeed an event of great joy and excitement. Pioneers International school held its annual science fair on April 8 honored by all the guests, parents who attended this event and encouraged their students. The event featured innovative science projects prepared by the students.
Students displayed projects on physics, chemistry, IT, biology and more. On the occasion of the science fair the school premises was flamboyantly adorned. A festive zeal was present among the students and teachers.

Alexandria Bibliotheca science fair

One of the successful school’s students attempts in Science Fair that was held by Alexandria Bibliotheca to present a wide range of logical scientific minds that is introduced by our youth generation in order to prepare them to the future.

World Environment Day

You can see all the scientific events on this link

Science Festival At the Planetarium (Alexandria Bibliotheca)

Recycling Event At Bibliotheca of Alexandria

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