Disciplinary Procedures

The school cannot function in its roles if discipline cannot be maintained. Chastisement is necessary to maintain order and a workable environment. The most effective discipline holds the student responsible for his or her own behavior. The school has built-in disciplinary procedures, which can be withheld as a result of misbehavior.
Minor/1st Offense: The initial offense will be handled by the teacher within the classroom.
Serious/Repeated Offense: The teacher will notify the parents/legal guardian regarding the problem and seek their involvement in the solution.
Major/Chronic Offense: A discussion will be held with the teacher by the headmaster and the school principal to determine the next course of action. Probation, suspension, or expulsion may be considered.
Suspension or expulsion will be considered in cases including, but not limited to, repeated offense, possession or use of inappropriate items, defiance, serious disruptions, or an uncooperative attitude.
The administration is authorized to suspend a student for up to three days and will notify the parents or legal guardians and school principal when this actions is taken.

Uniform and Dress Code Policy

Students should wear the school uniform designed with the badge of the school. Improperly dressed students will not be permitted into their lessons. Avoid tight clothing that draws attention to body structure. Personal hygiene is an important part of education. Students should be encouraged to bathe daily. Fragrances are allowed, but the scent should be both pleasant and subdued. Makeup such as lipstick, blush, eye shadow, and eyeliner is not allowed. Nail polish is also prohibited. Students should wear moderate … Continue reading

Attendance Policy

Absenteeism If a student is absent for more than four classes or school days, they will be prohibited from taking the quarter exam. Students must have a valid reason for not being in school. In the event that a student will be absent, the school must be notified early in the morning. Frequent absences and tardiness will have a great impact on the students’ performance and his/her grades. Tardiness The regulations of the school are clear regarding the starting and … Continue reading

Parents Hand book

INTRODUCTION I should like to extend a warm welcome to all students and their parents who are now starting the new academic year 2015-2016. Our school values close and frequent contact – both official and social – with all our parents.  Educational programs are achieved to the greatest success when objectives are shared and full co-operation exists between home and school.  The school aims to develop the character of each individual boy or girl, and it particularly seeks to promote … Continue reading

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