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Student’s School Admission


Pioneers International School has an open admissions policy in that it accepts students from all backgrounds on the condition that they are capable of :

  • Accessing the curriculum (as assessed by testing and assessment procedures).
  • Are in harmony with the School’s Mission and Vision Statements.
  • Are willing and able to abide by the School’s code of behaviour and disciplinary expectations.
  • Are prepared to contribute to the overall life of the school.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Pioneers school community.

Dear Parents, You are kindly requested to read and fill in this form carefully. Please consider the following instructions:

1- Both the registration form and the interview are integral parts of the admission procedures.   No student will be admitted without being interviewed

2- An interview is merely an attempt and a means to assess the applicant

However, this is not a rule but rather an exception based on the circumstances
Foreign applicants will have to submit a photocopy of his/her own passport or a photocopy of the parent’s passport in which the applicant is being registered.

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