Our School Activities

It is imperative that students have an assortment of school-related activities they can participate in. . Students also can have their interests expanded by participating in activities.

The term “school activities” applies to a wide range of skill-based games, strategies and interactive activities that support students’ educational development. The goal of all activities is to enhance students’ understanding, skill or effectiveness in a specific area by engaging multiple styles of learning. The school activity also serves to infuse fun into learning as well as bolster student confidence and the ability to think critically.

Recreational trips

Africana Hotel in King mariout Grade 11 Siwa Trip (2018-2019) Luxor and Aswan trip (2017-2018) Fayoum Trip (2022-2023) Dahab Semior Trip(2022-2023)

Science Festivity

It is a competition held every year among all schools in Alexandria. Every year a different topic is chosen for all the schools to compete about. The jury is presented by different doctors from Alexandria university and an award is given to the best three projects presented. Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) – International day Festival – 27th November 2014 This festival was held by Pharos University in Alexandria for students from different schools to learn lots of exciting and … Continue reading

Field Trips

The Egyptian museum Field trip (American history grade eight) 2019-2020 El Fayoum trip (2022-2023) 2023 Senior Trip

Career Orientation

Scientific trips Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine’s Morgue Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Science American University in Cairo (AUC) German University in Cairo (GUC) Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST) Pharos University in Alexandria (PUA) Alexandria stoke market Alalamein city Swiza chocolate company Continue reading

School events

Welcome party (Fun Day 2019-2020) ALAbakera season two (winning the first place in 2017) Welcome party and funday (2018-2019) Grade 12 Pool party (2017-2018) Grade 12 Galabeyya party (2017-2018) Graduation Cermony (2018-2019) Pioneers Annual Business Activation Day🌟 Grade 10 Students launched today in the Annual Business Activation Day a variety of creative real market Projects that present different and special goods and services. The Arab Science week Pioneers International school ( American division) participated in the Arab Science Week as … Continue reading


Sports Day (2018-2019) Football tournament (2018-2019) Final classes league January 2016 Grade Eight Final Match (2021-2022) Swimming lessons for grades 8&9 Swimming classes for grades 8&9 academic year 2022-2023

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