Parents Teachers conference updates

Dear parents we have announced since the beginning of the year that parents are to apply to become members in the PTC (Parents- Teachers Committee) , unfortunately few members volunteered for this mission …. Twenty three parents of all grades are now the members of the PTC.

The first meeting was on the 25th, November, 2019 .

The outcome of the meeting was as follows :

  1. Grades 1,2 & 3 are not to have exams
  2. The PTC duty is to convey the point of view of all parents to the school and from the school to all parents.
  3. Whatsapp groups are to be formed on class level in order to communicate thoughts, problems, and irregularities.
  4. Private lessons are forbidden unless extremely needed.
  5. Students must be prepared at all time for any exam or quiz.
  6. Ischool is the main link between school and parents.
  7. any document or sheets will be uploaded from 8 am till 5 pm.
  8. Slow learners are welcomed in our school.
  9. Workshops are held for the teachers in order to better class management.
  10. behavior and problems are not to be tolerated (must be reported immediately).
  11. Any irregularities from students or teachers must be reported.
  12. Problems of bullying are not going to be tolerated.
  13. MAP tests are a bench mark for SAT, and SAT scores will be compared to pre SAT and results.
  14. All school information and events are posted regularly on school webpage and Ischool
  15. Every teacher has a weekly schedule that he/she posts on school Facebook page to meet with parents on weekly bases.

The second meeting was on 9th, December,2019

The outcome of the meeting was as follows :

  1. According to COGNIA standards class capacity is twenty five students per class.
  2. parents of grade seven refuse the idea of PTC representatives ; therefore, all the parents of grade seven are to communicate directly with the school.
  3. Parents teachers meeting is scheduled upon the end of correction of the quarter exam.
  4. Weak students’ parents are contacted before the exams in order to knowledge the parents of the level of their children.
  5. The approach for weak students is to hold remedial classes, with a proper budget, whether at school or in a center, and coordinators of the subjects will be responsible for these classes.
  6. The school new development plan is posted on Ischool; the parents will read the plan and are most welcomed to give their suggestions to make it better.

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