Sports Day (2018-2019)

Football tournament (2018-2019)

Final classes league January 2016

Swimming Pool

The School believes strongly that all children should learn to swim as soon as possible. Swimming is not only a sport for children but a life saving skill for life. The School is fortunate to have its own outdoor swimming pool and will provide swimming lessons for all students during appropriate seasonal months. Just a few of the benefits of swimming lessons for children include: Acquiring life saving swimming skills and water awareness Improved water safety and survival knowledge Improved … Continue reading

College orientation and winning the third place in the sports day competition 2019 ( Pharos University for Grade 12)

this day is one of the yearly opportunities for the twelfth grader students school to know the difference between college and school learning concepts throughout visiting Pharos univesity. On that particular day, they celebrated growth through physical activity, not that only, but winning the third place in Telematch competition 2019……. Congrats our Pioneers students ……..

Participating students in National Team

G12 (concord) were the Championship Pioneers league in 2018-2019 .... congratulations Continue reading

New Gym

Pioneers has a new gym with high spec equipment, and a lighter, more uplifting fitness environment for our students. The gym is a powerful tool in teaching students; confidence, sportsmanship and self-care. For Pioneers students, a new gym is essential because the gym involves a variety of activities, from football to ping pong, these activities offer life skills and principles to students at a vulnerable and impressionable age. It gives students a way to find their talents and skills. he … Continue reading

Classes League

Pioneers American School arranges annual champion league between the high school grades every year .... good luck for all students Continue reading

Sports day

Sports day See Photos