High School

Attendance Policy

Absenteeism If a student is absent for more than four classes or school days, they will be prohibited from taking the quarter exam. Students must have a valid reason for not being in school. In the event that a student will be absent, the school must be notified early in the morning. Frequent absences and tardiness will have a great impact on the students’ performance and his/her grades. Tardiness The regulations of the school are clear regarding the starting and … Continue reading

Teacher Hours

Raef Gorgi ------ ------ Thursday 10 12 Wegdan Marzouk ------ ------ Tuesday 10 12 Nagy Samy Math 12 Sunday 11 12 Osama Thabet Math 11-12 Tuesday 9 10 Gihan Medhat English 9-11-12 Sunday 9 10 Doaa Hussein Bio./ Ecology 9-12 Monday 11 12 Ehab El barnashawy Chemistry 9-10-11 Monday 11 11:30 Continue reading

American High School Courses

Pioneers American High School offers accredited, high school diploma courses for high school age and adult learners. Related Documents:


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