In order to meet the graduation requirements of AdvancED, 22 credits are required in the high school years. In order to meet the graduation requirements of Egyptian Ministry of Education, 8 full subjects are required, 2 or 3 credits from grade 11 and 5 or 6 credits from grade 12. In addition to the SAT I. passing Arabic, Religion and Civics Exams (Thanaweya Ama) is a must for admittance in the Egyptian Universities. Students wishing to apply for Engineering and … Continue reading

Credit System

There are six core subjects taught throughout the year in addition to two non-core subjects worth ½ credits. Continue reading

Examination Rules

    Students who attempt any of the following will be dismissed from the test and their scores will be cancelled:
  • Giving or receiving help of any kind.
  • Marking answers after time has been called...
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