Parent Teachers committee

Name of studentGradeMother’s name
Omar Madhusndan ElshamyG1 DolphinReem Mohamed
Kinda Mohamed Magdy G1 Dolphin Rania Abdelhameed
Sila Ahmed Shokry G1 Octopus
Nadia Hussein AhmedG2 ShrimpAmany Kamal
Ezz Eldin Omar Morsy G2 Shrimp Nesma Abdelkader
Omar KhalilG3 IrisElham
Joudy Mahmoud G3 Iris Randa
Sandy Mohamed AhmedG3 RoseFaten Hussien
Omar Mohamed ShaabanG4 GardeniaReem Mohamed
Karim Yasser AliG5 BeethovenAsia Abdelghany
Abdelrahman Eslam Mohamed G5 Beethoven Mai Essam
Yousef Abo ElyazidG5 VerdiNaema Belal
Hossam Elsayed MohamedG5 Bach
Jaidaa Wael SerafyG6 PicassoEman Wagih
Hana Hosam EldinG6 Van Gogh
Dania Basel SalehG7 Einestin
Maya Raed Adel Hassan G7 Einestin Mayada Fawzy
Fam Ashraf AnisG7 AlkindiEnas Milad
Kareem Mohamed G7 Ibn Sina
Nour Eldeen Ahmed G7 Ibn Sina Eman Mohamed

Meeting one : Sunday 1/12/2019

  1. you are the link between the school and parents.
  2. you will present your class-cooperation is the best solution
  3. together we can solve any problems
  4. pioneers is your second home
  5. if you have any suggestions or problems you are more than welcomed
  6. if we also need anything you are the link
  7. you are neutral you talk on our behalf
  8. our meeting will be around every two weeks with previous notice broadcast will be made
  9. we are one team not two
  10. we added KG to our department

Grade 1,2 & 3

  1. No stress for students
  2. we teach them self confidence & love school
  3. from grade 4 i can ask them and they are responsible
  4. discover talents
  5. no private
  6. (student level ) A zone till D zone is safe (get worried if less than D zone)
  7. according to students work we will give extra work
  8. MAP test from next year will be from grade 1,2 &3
  9. clarifying the importance of the TOEIC & MAP test
  10. parents mainly complained about : not all teachers post on I School (teachers must post daily before 3)
  11. grade 3 number of students is too much (Mrs.Wegdan will check)

Meeting : two (Tuesday 9/12/2019)

  1. problem of crowded classes of grade 3 are solved.
  2. as per COGNIA (Advanced AD) capacity of the class is 25
  3. parents meeting are scheduled upon the exams
  4. individual problems parents are welcomed to meet teachers and administration
  5. weak students we will contact parents before quarter exams in order to follow up the weak level of the students
  6. we have to teach the students to accept their individual differences
  7. approach for the weak students and to hold remedial classes in school or in a center within a proper budget
  8. coordinators are responsible for giving the remedial classes
  9. schools new development plan will be posted on I School all parents are welcomed to give suggestions.