About Pioneers

Welcome Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians, WELCOME TO PIONEERS AMERICAN SCHOOL!! The entire staff at Pioneers School would like to welcome you to the 2017/2018 school year. We are very excited about meeting each and e very one of you. We are looking forward to teach your child and providing meaningful experiences to develop a lifelong love for learning. Our aim is to assist your child achieve his/her fullest potential throughout his high School years. We hope that this year would be … Continue reading

History of The School

Pioneers International School was founded in 2001 in Ras el Soda district. The school is located approximately forty-five minutes from the center of town and is situated on 1.8 acres of land and green grass. The school is housed in an attractive large multi-level complex which contains science and computer labs, playing areas, a swimming pool, two libraries, as well as multimedia, music, and art rooms. Students are entitled to use all available resources within the school. These facilities allow … Continue reading

Mission & Vision

Pioneers’ Vision
Our vision is to develop future generations of young men and women who have the knowledge and skills to succeed with a thirst for learning and the courage and integrity to face future challenges... Continue reading

Pioneers’ Beliefs

We believe that:
  • All students can learn.
  • Students are unique in their talents and capabilities...
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The school provides transportation to and from school for students by buses. A fee is collected to cover the cost of transportation. The school is responsible for scheduling bus transportation, including the determination of routes and bus stops. The purpose of bus scheduling and routing is to achieve maximum service while managing time properly. Parents must referred  to the school administration for any request of change in routes, stops, or schedules. The bus supervisor is responsible for the safe and … Continue reading